My internship started after I received a letter from the Town and Country Planning Department  of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA). I started the internship on Tuesday the 13th June, 2017 and reported to the office by 8am. From the administration of the I was then directed to the department known as the Street Naming and Property Addressing Unit of the AMA/Town and country planning. After being introduced to the staff of the department, I was then asked to report to that office for my daily work routine. All the staff were very happy and welcomed me very well.

The next day I was tutored on how to work with the ArcMap software by one of the service personnel who had already began working on a task that had been assigned to him by one of our senior staff. The core aim of the work given was to assign names to streets and also to assign numbers and addresses to parcels of land and houses within the sub metros of the AMA. I was taught how to give addresses to parcels and also how to give addresses to properties in a particular sub metro. In this work, we dealt with several feature classes like street, parcel, community, building polygons and also ortho photo of the sub metro that I was working on. So in this case, I worked on already digitized parcels, building polygons and streets and I named building polygons according to the name of the street linking the house and the house number. I also learnt how to work within a designated community by selecting that community and clipping it out of the whole sub metro. This enabled me to work in one community before moving to the next hence making the work easier.

After a few weeks we completed the work we were tasked to do and our boss decided to teach us something new that he felt will be relevant to us in the field of GIS. First, he explained to us and taught us how to create a geodatabase of our own. He taught us the types of geodatabase we have and we then created a personal geodatabase after that. From there he also explained to us how to create a feature dataset and feature classes. We created a feature dataset and put several feature classes in this feature dataset to work on in our ArcMap. We created the parcel feature class because our boss wanted us to work on land parcels within a given submetro in GAMA.

While there, we also embarked on a few field work studies. The first field work we embarked on was a fuel station count within the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area(GAMA). We went to a number of filling stations within GAMA and we took their coordinates and also derived other relevant information from the heads of the filling stations. A second project we embarked on involved a road traffic count of on street parking of vehicles in Osu Oxford Street and also some parts of ministries. This survey took about two weeks to complete and we ended our internship with the completion of this project.