I am a Geography student, studying Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and as part of my course it is required that I intern with a group or company that works with Geographic Information Systems. I started my internship on the 7th of June 2017 at the Town and Country Planning Headquarters.


The training begun with a discussion and explanation of GIS and some basic terms used in the field. A Brief on what the Town and Country Planning Department is about. An introduction to the Land Use Planning Management Information System (LUPMIS), Introduction to Map Maker.

In Map Maker, I learnt how to use the pan, zoom, tape, data, polygon, line, symbols, texts, cutter, join, snap, edit, and Select tools. Exercise was giving on digitizing with polygon, lines, and points from the Ghana Topo maps. Using the polygons to create the Ghana Boundary, with the help of the cutter too I created the regional boundaries and rivers, with the help of the line tools I digitized the rivers in the country and the point tool to digitized the regional capitals.

We undertook a number of field work using the GPS device in collecting spatial data. I used the GPS device to track roads and take points around the ministries. I learnt to edit routes, and points picked, to download data from a GPS device. I edited routes from the Town and Country Planning Department passing by the stadium to the independence square and back to the department. I picked and edited points around the Town and Country Planning Department.

 I learnt geo-referencing images and some assignments were given to that effect. We used two methods to do this. First, we the Ghana Roads ‘dra’ file to look for the exact location and picked two points to use to geo-reference the raster image. The second was going to the field to take known points and come and geo-reference the image. This however was only in theory.

I was given a series of assignments which I had to digitize land areas. I digitized ortho photos and scanned images.


I had experience with a different GIS software; Map Maker. I had experience of the work environment before leaving school. I also had experience using different GPS devices to take points and track routes.


In all it has been a wonderful experience to have interned at Town and Country Planning Department. It’s an important institution that helps in the development of the Nation. I earnestly hope they are fully resourced to assist them in the effective carrying out of their duties.